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2023 Election: Citizens’ Pre-Election Awareness And The Roles Of Stakeholders Towards Post-Election Stability

I Am Change was founded in 2015 and has been very active in the Nigerian elections since then. The organisation has created a platform for many reforms and will continue to do so. Hence, the importance and aptness of the 2023 Election: Citizens’ Pre-Election Awareness and The Roles of Stakeholders Towards Post-Election Stability Event.

The session began with a background context of the Nigerian political scene by Idayat Hassan, who emphasized on the importance of the event in correlation to the 2023 elections and youth involvement with over 39% on the voter’s register. She mentioned that Nigerians are excited about the election irrespective of their current situation with hopes of a way forward. She went on to introduce the panellist who were from various works of life. The participants were a mix of journalists, university students and CSOs. The moderator commenced the events questions for the panellist.


Empower the Girl Child Project

Our daughters are the future of our country, beyond being our children, they are the future mothers that would shape the Children our tomorrow that is why we cannot afford to neglect them or overlook their Plight. Beyond every reasonable doubt should we continue to treat our daughters like second class weaker vessels, Nigeria would have slim or no chances.

Here is a clarion call to us all to build and re-build our nation builders. We must discourage discrimination, Child marriages and dehumanization against our daughters. Their rights and privileges must be advocated and we must collectively fight poverty in this respect.

This is why IAC is calling out to as many as interested voluntaries to put in their little token into the actualization of this modest Goal.


Leadership and Mentoring Academy

  • Leadership and Mentoring Academy(LMA) is a programme of IAC and an umbrella group that will provide leadership skills, mentoring activities, mediation/reconciliatory efforts, diplomacy and youth advocacy activities in and around the North-Western/North Central States of Nigeria with the major tools being Information Technology Devices and Applications and via other technical/social skills acquisition programmes.
  • Leadership & Mentoring Academy (LMA) providing Leadership & Mentoring guidance to youths from the designated target groups via the use of Information Technology as a tool for basic skills acquisition. Programs and courses will be designed in ways that will readily translate to positive action as well mitigate poverty, economically empower the youths and strengthen their capacity in areas related to finance, self-dependence and social inclusion.
  • In order to achieve our training objective, the programs will be a fun, intensive, interactive and practical training workshops for specific period ranging between 12 -18 weeks or more. The approach will engender a mentor-protégé training/boot camp/skill acquisition program with the underlying theme on productive engagement, leadership, mentoring, career guidance, entrepreneurship development, counseling and social dialogue.

Role Of Youths In Politics In Nigeria

We use this medium to emphasis the need for meaningful opportunities for young people and highlights concerns about issues such as education, security, and political engagement. We also seek to engage with the youth, who constitute a significant portion of Nigeria’s population, to find solutions to these challenges.

“I am Change” is self-funded and focuses on uplifting disenfranchised youth by addressing issues like education, health, and drug abuse. The organisation undertakes various initiatives, including youth training programs, to make a positive impact on the lives of young Nigerians. The program’s goal is to harness the potential of the youth and ensure they have a voice and opportunities in shaping the future of the country. The organisation’s mission is to create positive change and provide opportunities for young people across Nigeria.